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Detroit Michigan USA

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Drummer, Percussionist, Musician, Multi Style Recording and Performing Artist,
Music Project Consultant, Private Drum Instructor, and Drum Clinician.

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 Wayne Kramer, Charles David Stuart, Jeff Grand, Howard Glazer, Chris Brown, Emanual Young, Don Was

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The official release of “Charles David Stuart Trio Live" has occurred with special thanks to Buddy Miles and Geoffrey Menin, Duane
Lee and Ema Rosenauer, Bug Music, Harry Fox Agency, BMI, Stutiano Records, Alley Records, Stuart Entertainment, Stutiano Entertainment, and

It is available from Stutiano Records at An exciting live jazz/fusion/jam band creatively exploring extreme musical adventures. The personnel consists of Charles David Stuart-drums, Duffy King-guitar, James Simonson-bass, and special guest Mark Byerly-trumpet. Select future live performances will include world-class bassist Ralphe Armstrong.

“One can hear a virtual cornucopia of exotic world beats and rhythms courtesy of master drummer Stuart.” Progression Magazine.

Charles David Stuart Quartet-
Mark Byerly, Duffy King, Charles David Stuart, Ralphe Armstrong


Charles David Stuart

Jazz/Fusion/Blues/Multi-Style drummer Charles David Stuart has been playing professionally and teaching for over 30 years. He was born on Sunday, August 14, 1966 in Detroit and began playing drums and percussion in the early 1970’s, performing by the mid to late 1970's and started teaching privately in the early 1980’s. Adept in a multitude of styles and genres, his musical interests have always been multi-faceted. Charles has performed with many internationally known artists and shows. As a youth, he was a mega award winning drummer-percussionist in orchestral and jazz settings. 1985-1986 he attended WMU on a jazz scholarship and moved to NYC to perform and study privately between 1986 and 1987. Since the late 1980’s, Charles has been consistently involved in the eclectic music scene of his hometown Detroit, nationally and internationally.

Δ Current Projects Δ

Stuart Entertainment, Stutiano Entertainment, and Stutiano Records.

Charles David Stuart Trio (and Quartet), jazz/fusion/jam band.

Charles David Stuart with Howard Glazer:

Look for the new release from Howard Glazer, Looking in the Mirror, 
and the previous recording, Stepchild of the Blues, on Lazy Brothers/City Hall Records.

Pete Fetters.

The Phlat Five (Detroit). 

Various live and theater performances.

Various studio projects including performance, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Private drum instruction and drum clinician.

Δ Select Performance Highlights Δ

Charles David Stuart Trio and Quartet (Have Included-Duffy King, James Simonson, Mark Byerly, Ralphe Armstrong), Stuart Entertainment, Stutiano Entertainment, Stutiano Records, Barack Obama, Howard Glazer and the EL34’s, Don Was All Star Revue, Motor City Horns, Brian Vander Ark, Emanual Young, Harmonica Shah, Bill Meyer, Ralphe Armstrong, Menopause The Musical, Forgotten-A Jazz Opera, Altar Boyz, Bill Watrous, Luis Resto, Ed Nuccilli and the Plural Circle Big Band Jazz Orchestra, Pat Brennan, Larry McCray.

Johnny Trudell, Marcus Belgrave, Johnny O'Neal, Larry Smith, Gary Shunk, Robert Penn, Chop Shop Project with guitarist Mikhal Caldwell, Jeff Lederer, Joey Calderazzo, Bob Brookmeyer, Jack Pierson, Matt Pierson, Catfish Hodge, Marion Hayden.

Donald Kinsey, Allen Farnham, Walter White, Matt Michaels, James Carter, Ron McClure, Craig Taborn, Fruq Z. Bey, Gary Jibilian, Joe Deninzon, Alex Skolnick, A. Spencer Barefield, Arron Caruso, Sean Barrett, Dale Showler.

Johnny B. Gayden, Frank Mantooth, Amjed ”AJ” Abdallah, Mark Byerly, Dwight Adams, Dave Gilbert, Randy Scott, Soup Can Music Co., Detroit Lions, Ford, GM, Mercedes Benz, Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, IAJE reading band Detroit, Detroit Tigers, many various artists, entertainment companies, and venues.

Δ Press Δ

New reviews for "Stepchild of the Blues-2013" and "Looking in the Mirror-2014" by Howard Glazer at:

"He has always been a great player"
Jack Pierson-Jazz Pianist / Educator, 2015

"Another outstanding trio recording to add to the list (and this onebeing live to boot), with Charles David Stuart on drums and percussion,Duffy King on guitar, James Simonson on Bass and Mark Byerly ontrumpet. Seven tracks, not to be missed.", 2007-08

“Awesome playing Charles.”

John Goodsall-Brand X, 2007.

“That's some SICK playing on those video clips!”

Adam Nitti-World-Class Bassist, 2007.

“Charles...on fire...frantic pace...impressive drum solo.”

Peter, 2007.

“...Precise alchemy of leadfooted skilled drummer Charles Stuart,complete with his incorporation of voodooesq hand drums for that extrafunky feel and effect (sounding like he was born on the Bayou.)”

Laura Jenney-Mindsweep Entertainment and Productions, 2007.

“Hats off to the drummer, Charles Stuart, who shows us how it's done with a snare. Very nice!”

Bobtje Blues Page-Belgium, 2005.

”...drummer Charles Stuart providing the power trio foundation.”

Jim DeKoster-Living Blues, 2005.

“Stuart was fantastic and his drum solo rocked the house.”

Pam Adams-Detroit Blues Society, 2005.

“Howard Glazer's EL34's however, are Bob Godwin (bass) and CharlesStuart (drums) who underpin HG's every lick and bend with punch anddrive, just like a good rhythm section should.”

Judge Jones-Blues Freepress-UK, 2005.

“...Stuart's performances are strong and sound effortless.”

Gary Blackwell-Motor City Rocks, 2005.

”Bassist Bob Godwin and drummer Charles Stuart are the foundation overwhich Howard Glazer performs his guitar magic and their in the pocketaccompaniment through out makes this one of the best blues trio's tocome down the road in years.”

Mark E. Gallo,, 2005.

“One can hear a virtual cornucopia of exotic world beats and rhythms courtesy of master drummer Stuart.”

Progression Magazine Winter/Spring, 2003.

”Charles Stuart, drums/ fusion that will open your incredible drummer.”

Columbus Music, 2002.

”Charles Stuart...superfast and outrageous percussion work.”

The Shred Zone, 2000.

”Charles Stuart, drums…adds a turbo charged beat.”

The Detroit News, 1996.

Ralphe Armstrong, Allan Holdsworth, Charles David Stuart

Δ Select Discography Δ

New music soon for 2016 !

Charles David Stuart Trio

 Live - 2007 Stutiano Records

Howard Glazer
Looking in the Mirror-2014 Lazy Brothers / City Hall Records

Howard Glazer
Stepchild of the Blues-2013 Lazy Brothers / City Hall Records

Motor City Horns

Local Boys-2009 Brassjar Music

(title track)

Mikhal Caldwell

Ethics Vs. Logic-2008 Caldwell Music

(select track)

Howard Glazer and the EL34's

Liquor Store Legend - 2007 Random Chance Records

Howard Glazer and the EL34's

Impeach Blues-2006 Random Chance Records

(select tracks)

Big City Rhythm and Blues

Howard Glazer and the EL34's

Cadillac Blues - Rack of Blues #2 - 2007 BCRB Records
(select tracts)

Mikhal Caldwell


Available at Abstract Logix

(select tracks)

Bill Meyer/Carter Collins

Stylin' - 2006 Meyer Music

(select tracks)

Chop Shop Project

Earth Music

2006 Battlezone/Stuart Entertainment

Buy from CdBaby or AbstractLogix

Patrick Brennan 

King For One Night - 2006 Pateb Music

(select track)

Howard Glazer and the EL34's 

Brown Paper Bag - 2005 Random Chance Records


2005 Steve Jones Music

(select tracks)

The Michael David Project

2004 Rouge Records

Harmonica Shah

Tell it to Your LandLord - 2003 Electro FI Records

(select tracks)

Morley Sampler

2003 Morley

(select track)

Mike Vitello Tribute

2002 - Rock Dog Records

Chop Shop Project

Leap Of Faith - 2001 Battlezone/Stuart Entertainment

Chop Shop Project

Earth Music - 1998 Battlezone/Stuart Entertainment

Second Power

1990 Second Power

Bill Watrous

Midwestern Conference Big Band with Bill Watrous

1984 Mark Records

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